Avoid being an easy target from theft while vacationing

Avoid being an easy target from theft while vacationing

It sounds like the plot to a Jason Statham film. You’re vacationing in Monte Carlo and two masked men with a gun tie you up and leave with all your expensive jewelry. Although it sounds like an awesome action packed movie, it’s not one you would ever want to be apart of.

The dangers of traveling with expensive jewelry are very real and should even be reconsidered.

Remember that criminals – including jewel thieves – tend to hang out in tourist spots. Especially tourist spots that attract wealthy tourists. So the first consideration is whether you should even travel with expensive jewelry in the first place. No!

The risk of theft, loss or damage goes up as soon as you depart because you find yourself in new surroundings, doing new things, often in tourist spots that attract thieves. Think long and hard about taking “real” jewelry when faux pieces would be much easier to replace.

Don’t be an easy target. If a robber spies you wearing an expensive necklace or bracelet, they may spend hours keeping you under surveillance, just waiting for you to make a mistake. Letting your guard down for just a few seconds can prove costly.

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