Our Story

Our Story

My wife was 7 months pregnant. I hear the clicking sound as she jumps on the scale to check her weight. “Oh god, not again.” I think to myself. I hear her start to sob.

“What’s wrong honeyIs everything okay?”

“No! Everything is not okay. I’ve gained another 5 lbs. My clothes no longer fit me. My whole body is swollen. Even my hands and feet. I can’t even wear my wedding ring anymore. You should just go and buy me a ring that fits.”

“It’s not a big deal. You don’t need to wear your wedding ring. Besides, it’s not like anyone is trying to hit on you with that big belly of yours.”

I manage to get a half smirk from her and we both chuckle but I know deep down inside it must be killing her.

“That’s not the point! I want to wear my wedding ring like I have everyday since our wedding day.”

At that moment I realized how grateful I was for my wife. Here she was sacrificing her life and body to have my child and she was more concerned about wearing her wedding ring. A symbol of her commitment to me. I decided I should just get her a new ring to make her happy. I searched online for a comfortable ring she could wear for the rest of her pregnancy but after doing research saw how that might not be a good idea. The swelling around a metal ring could cut off circulation and could even get stuck. My wife would just have to deal with it or I can make one that would work! Something comfortable, durable, and still look elegant.

So I did…

Aeon rings.

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